Toponymy and symbols by Carpignano salentino

According to a popluar – albeit not very reliable – interpretation, the name of the village derives from the Roman centurion Carpinius (or, Carpennius, according to a second denomination), similarly to other villages whose names are thought to be derived from Roman soldiers who were possibly the founders of those villages.
According to a more reliable tesi, the name would derive from the Messapic word karp, (“rock”, or “hill”), therefore Carpignano would actually mean “placed on a hill”
Conversely, the name Carpignano would lately be at the origin of the symbol that represents the village: a pine tree with it visible roots and the letters “C” and “P” on its sides, which could either mean Convento Populi or Carpiniani Populi, with a reference to the population of Carpignano, with a crown on top of it.